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10 Awasome Backyard Lighting Ideas On A Budget

When the days become longer and start to warm up, it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas for the summer. An easy way to make your yard more inviting is to add lighting so that you can eat, relax, and reconnect with family and friends long after the sun goes down.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard lighting ideas run the gamut from simple candle holders or battery operated fairy lights to high-powered spot lighting which can add a touch of grandeur to an elegant garden. The style of lighting you pick will largely depend on the size of your outdoor space and whether or not you’ll have access to power. Smaller yards or intimate seating areas located well away from power outlets can make use of simple solutions such as solar lights or small home made torches which do not require electricity. Outdoor living areas that are adjacent to your house such as porches, patios, and pergolas can incorporate more powerful lighting options like electric powered string lights and lanterns.

No matter what size outdoor space you have, the strategic addition of lighting can turn your backyard into a cozy outdoor sanctuary with minimal effort and cost. The ideas below will provide examples of simple DIY options which can allow you to enjoy your backyard more fully this summer.

(1) Natural Lighting Ideas

Garden Natural Logs Lighting Ideas
Garden Natural Logs Lighting Ideas, image:

These natural logs will be the highlight of your backyard scene. During the day, they simply look like garden stools, but at dusk the glow of golden light makes your garden path a fairyland filled with radiating light. Because they’re natural logs, each one is unique.

(2) Outdoor Seating Under Tree String Lights

Outdoor Seating Under Tree String Lights
image source :

A variety of outdoor seating spaces encourages different activities. Serve a meal at the picnic table; talk with friends in a quiet corner. Lounge with a good book in a swinging chair filled with cushions. When the sun sets, light up the scene with string lighting in the trees. You have created an outdoor living room that you’ll love.

(3) Outdoor Posts Lights

Outdoor Posts Lights

Post lights are a traditional-style fixture meant for illuminating your homes outdoor environment. You can line your front walkway, or home driveway with them, or include them as part of your garden or patio. This one for example, is constructed of metal and plastic, with a clear seeded glass shade, and is solar powered. This luminary accommodates one LED bulb (bulb not included). This piece arrives as a set of two, and each piece measures 42'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D.

Vintage Backyard Lamp Lamppost Candle Holder
image source:

Vintage Backyard Lamp Lamppost Candle Holder Tea Light Candlestick Stand.

(4) Simple Fence Line Christmas Light

Simple Fence Line Christmas Light Backyard

Oh, we love this idea. We can almost hear the sounds of caroling and sleigh bells, but if you leave these Christmas lights atop your fence year-round, they’ll light up a pair of upholstered benches in great style! They’re so easy, we don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it!

(5) Magical Glowing Flower Garden Planters

Magical Glowing Flower Garden Planters
Image Source:

What — are they lights or planters? Or were they brought by alien visitors? These glowing pots are among the most unique choices we’ve found for back yard lighting. And it’s hard to imagine anything prettier! Mix them with pots of other materials for a stunning effect. They’re beautiful even in daylight, but they add extra drama to the garden at night.

(6) Recycled DIY Glass Bottle Torches

Recycled DIY Glass Bottle Torches

Unique and serviceable torches made of recycled wine bottles are a DIY project that may require a bit more time than some of the other lighting options. But the dramatic effect is well worth the effort! A few inexpensive fittings, a properly-sized wick and some lamp oil are all that’s necessary. Use a single kind of bottle or collect a variety — it’s your choice.

(7) Elegant Well-Lit Backyard Dinner Party Pergola

Popular Backyard Lighting Ideas Makes It Look Beautiful
Source image :

A party pergola is special on its own. But any garden structure becomes more attractive — and more useful when you add lighting. This one is gorgeous, with string lighting overhead, a circlet of lights suspended over the table, pendants in each corner, and path lighting to direct the way to the party. It’s picture perfect and party ready.

(8) Upscale Outdoor Seating Bench Lit by Candles

Upscale Outdoor Seating Bench Lit by Candles
source image:

Patio seating takes a lot of different forms. Here a built-in bench provides upscale seating right next to a gorgeous planting area. Add soft cushions, cozy throws and a line of convenient candle holders along the back to extend its usefulness. With the adjacent dining table and chairs, you can invite crowds and still have comfortable space for all.

(9) Whimsical Garden Grotto with String Lights

Whimsical Garden Grotto with String Lights
source image :

Have we conveyed the idea that we love string lights? Is it obvious that creativity and originality find ample expression in the garden? We hope so! Here, the homeowner uses several different kinds of lighting in tandem with string lights nestled among the vines and overhead beams. This is a case when more is more. Hanging candles in mason jars, bottle lights and tabletop candles are all perfectly wonderful in this garden grotto.

(10) Rustic Grapevine and Chinese Lantern Garland

Rustic Grapevine and Chinese Lantern Garland

As illustrated in previous photos, there’s no reason you have to confine your outdoor lighting choices to one, or even two. Here Chinese lanterns blend beautiful with simple string lighting woven into and around rustic grapevines. The effect is simple, but stunning. What other ideas might you think of to add light to your outdoor scene?

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