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Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel - Help Is At Hand

A bathroom floor Plan remodels project can be a daunting task --not generally a task for the do-it-yourselfer.  There are some amenities that you see in the bathrooms for multi-million dollar homes that can be incorporated into your master bath for between $400 and $8,000.  One of the easiest jobs to tackle is the lighting.  The recessed bathroom lighting is so popular with contractors will cause shadows over your bathroom vanity unless you have some additional light source. 

Before and After Bathroom Remodels on a Budget

Remodel a bathroom floor plan by having a floor heating system installed under your bathroom floor.  Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a warm custom heated floor.  The floor heating will help to warm up the bath with floor to ceiling warmth.  Another inexpensive element that can be included when you remodel your bathroom is a chromo-therapy system. 

Streams of color can be shown through either standing or running water.  This helps to relax you.  You can buy a bath, shower, and sink systems with chromo-therapy options.  Multiple shower heads with differing sprays and jets to massage and relax you can be installed in your bathroom.  

Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel idea

The cost of this shower systems can run between $3,200 and $5,500 depending on the kinds and number of heads you choose.

Another interesting bathroom option when you are remodeling your master bath is a steam shower.  This system provides a mist of steam that makes your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Most of these projects require someone very knowledgeable in plumbing and laying of pipe.  Before you remodel your bathroom, check to see if your local building codes allow you to make these changes.

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