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The Basics of Patio Concrete Staining

You can find stained concrete in many homes and commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of adding color to your concrete patio, patio concrete staining will do the job. It requires few materials and tools. You can hire a professional or do it yourself. Either way patio concrete staining is relatively cheaper than having to hire people to cover your patio with tiles or wood.

Staining Concrete Floors
Acid staining is one method of patio concrete staining. Instead of using concrete floor paint or coating, you will apply an acid solution that will react with properties of concrete to produce color. You can apply an acid stain to old or new concrete. For new concrete, wait about three weeks after you have poured before staining.

The great thing about acid staining is the beautiful patterns it creates, usually a marble or mottle effect. It is important to note that you cannot achieve even coloration with acid staining but this is what makes it appealing. It also gives your patio floors of rich earth tones. If you want more color, there are other tints available to suit your taste.

To begin your patio concrete staining project, clean the surface to remove dirt, oil, fluid stains, and mildew. Use a stiff-bristled brush and a proper cleaner such as a degreaser or detergent. Cleaning the patio floor before acid staining is very important to ensure that the stain will penetrate. A pressure washer will help remove any stubborn marks. If some discoloration remains after a thorough scrubbing, do not worry. Discolored areas will add to the overall marble effect.

best stained concrete patio
Once the surface is clean, gear up before preparing the acid solution. Slip-on boots and gloves as well as the safety goggles with the respirator. Then, take an acid-proof garden sprayer or sprinkling can and mix into it the acid solution, which is one part muriatic acid to four parts water.

Next, hose down the concrete surface and the surrounding areas completely and then spray the concrete with the acid solution. Upon contact, the concrete will fizzle or bubble. Take the roller or brush and apply the stain to achieve your preferred pattern. You can apply a second coating if necessary but remember to wait 24 hours before you do so.

After applying the acid solution, leave the surface to dry for half an hour after which you need to neutralize the surface. For this, you need a stiff-bristled brush and a mixture of baking soda and water. Apply the mixture to the whole area and then rinse completely with water. Once the surface is dry, apply a clear sealer.

Stained concrete is highly resistant to fading. In fact, changing the color of a concrete stain is quite difficult. Therefore, it is very important to choose the color carefully and be one hundred percent sure of it before starting patio concrete staining. 

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