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Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Heaters

Outdoor Patio Heaters
Stay outdoors in your patio even during cold evenings by installing outdoor patio heaters.  Outdoor patio heaters allow you to enjoy evening dinners and conversations in your patio despite cold weather with its temperature settings that you can adjust to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable.

There are different types of outdoor patio heaters. There are freestanding heaters and heaters for tabletops or for hanging, which is great for small spaces. For trendy homeowners, Olympic outdoor heaters bring warmth and style to a patio. There are also tiki-style outdoor heaters as well as chimney type heaters and fire pits.

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5 Tips Buying Outdoor Patio Heaters For Match other furniture

To start your search for the most suitable outdoor patio heater, you should decide first whether you want a fixed unit or not. Then consider the design and style of your patio to make sure the type of heater you will buy will match your other patio furniture. Other things to think about are:


Like with any patio furniture, size is very important consideration when shopping for outdoor patio heaters. Some types are bulky and may take up a lot of space in your patio. Make sure you choose the size accordingly. Ideally, the height should range from three to seven feet.


Outdoor patio heaters usually radiate heat fifteen to twenty feet from the base all around the unit. Make sure the patio heater you buy will be able to warm most if not all of your patio area.


If you do not want fixed outdoor patio heaters, you can choose portable ones. This is also a good choice if you camp out a lot. If you are buying a large patio heater, look for those with wheels so you can easily move and store them. Alternatively, you can purchase a wheel kit.


Purchase only outdoor patio heaters that have industry-approved designs to ensure safety. These heaters should have CSA and CE certification seals. Check for safety features such as flame controls, sealed burners, electronic ignitions, and safety tilt switches, which automatically cuts off gas flow should the heater tilts over. Have a qualified professional handle installation of the unit including service and repairs.

Remember to place outdoor patio heaters away from all flammable materials. Instruct your children how to use the heaters properly. If you have very young kids, keep them away from the heaters. Be safe and enjoy the evening outdoors.

Where to buy 

You can find outdoor patio heaters in online stores or stores in your area that sell outdoor patio furniture. Check these stores for new products and special deals such as free shipping.

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